sissyhypnoslut said: I idolize you so much. Those pictures of you after rough sex made me absolutely fall in love. You look so gorgeous with your ruined makeup I want to be like you


Anonymous said: You want sexy messages? How about I write FAG across your face and then stick my cock in that fuckhole of a mouth of yours. Then, I cum all over your queer face. You're fucking pathetic faggot. You're not a real man at all. How in the hell do you think you could please a woman? No woman wants a limp wrist fag like you!!! They want someone like me. You want me too, whore!!


Anonymous said: Happy birthday you sick sexy little whore! I hope that tonight you get an ass fucking for every year, plus one to grow on!


Am I weird for not being into anonymous sex?

This couple messaged me recently about wanting to hook up and I was like okay I’m totally down but I just want to meet you guys out somewhere first and have a conversation in person.

And now they’re saying things like: “you’re going to either have to trust us or miss out”

So now I’m like…okay…I’ll miss out then. I have no idea who you are.

I have no idea if you’re a creep or even someone I want to hook up with. I just want to meet somewhere non-threatening have a drink or two and meet up to make sure we even like each other. I mean, chances are I’ll want to suck his dick and fuck her puss that night anyway regardless if they’re a creep or not, but it feels so weird and off-putting to go to someones house solely to fuck without some sort of introduction.

Am I stupid for feeling this way or should I just go?


Anonymous said: Do you post any self stuff?

Do you mean like pictures of myself? Or person thoughts?


Today is my birthday

Today is my birthday. Send me sexy stuff! I’m fishing for sexy messages.


Anonymous said: honey where did that questionnaire go? it was awesome I love knowing more about you I could ask u a millions q's and not be bored xoxo

I think I may’ve offended someone I know and it’s freaking me out a little so I’ve taken it down.


andre1903me said: olá qual é o nome dessa musica e da cantora. Obrigado !


Blasians <3

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